Healing through Remembering

As you experience loss, you should know that it’s okay to do these things to help in the healing process:

Remember. Each one of us touches so many lives. When we are gone, we want people to remember certain things about us. Take the time to call upon your own memories.

Cry. It’s not only okay, it’s appropriate to cry. Your grief is an acknowledgement of the one who has passed. Many have cried before you, so don’t be afraid to show how you feel.

Share. It is normal to want to share. Find someone who knew the person you lost, and take the opportunity to trade memories. It’s just one small way to keep the memories alive.

Each individual we serve has an online Memory Page and Guestbook. You can share your memories with others directly on that page. Click on the link to the left to access our website and locate the appropriate page of the person you wish to remember.